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Creating Social Awareness & Community through Art.​

Presenting the FTA Protest Art portrait collage project.

Sharing individual portraits of masked protesters, which will then be turned into a large mosaic collage in support of this movement.

We will use the power of the collective to create a piece of art of protest.

BLM Photo Booth Portraits

Our main focus is to create a safe environment, create community, and spread social awareness through art.

As we continue to support the BLM movement against systemic racism and police brutality by educating ourselves and joining peaceful protests, we also wanted to provide an alternative way to show support for this movement, in a different setting.

We hope that this provides a platform for the POC in our community and all Allies to come together to share their voices and express their protest through this collaborative art project.

BLM Photo Booth Flyers

We believe that there is no "right" way to protest. As a group of artist, we were inspired to create a form of protest that felt organic and authentic to us.

The definition of "Art" is to hold a mirror up to humanity. Art is a reflection of society. Which means Art is often controversial. 


We acknowledge and appreciate that there are many ways to protest. We would like to invite you to participate in our way of taking action through art.

BLM Photo Booth Videos

BLM Protest Art: Behind the Scenes

BLM Protest Art: Portrait Slideshow

BLM Protest Art: Video Message Montage

For more information about our Protest Art series or to inquire about future collaborations, please contact us!

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